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Ashram News Mahapradosham – Kartika Deepam – Geeta Jayanti 1 dec 2017

ll ॐ नमः शिवाय ll


Dear Bhaktas,

With the dip in mercury, the leaves wither in a 'great fall'….

The Sunbird 'rises' to the occasion to lap up nectar from the Aloe vera blossom….​

​…And the bhakta's heart yearns and flows like sweet honey, 'mellifluous' this Madhu-dhaaraa… upon the Lord!

Inspired possibly by Nandikeshwara, who is ever looking at the Lord alone, unwavering….

May that Maheshwara, the Lord of all Lords, with parivara, bless all with devotion!

Tomorrow is Kartika Deepam, the Lord as light, shining resplendent…
Annamalai deepam, the most ancient known continuing event on the Arunachala mountain will be watched directly by thousands, and by innumerable devotees the world over through electronic means!

Link to a small clip (tamil) is given below:

The next Mahapradosham occurs on the 15 December, Friday.

Geeta Jayanti, on Mokshada-ekadashi was celebrated in the Ashrama yesterday.

Samoohika Bhagavadgeeta Parayanam will be held on this Sunday, Dec. 3rd, at the Chhaatraalaya, from 9 am – 1 pm, followed by Mahadeeparadhana and 'Mahaprasadam'. It would be a thrilling experience to chant the entire Geeta along with 200 other devotees on this Geeta Jayanti celebration, and may everyone have the grace of Bhagavan Sri Krshna, the Jagadguru!!
                   ll कृष्णं वन्दे जगद्गुरुम् ll


AVT news and events Soma Mahapradosham. Sugama Parayana Geeta – New edition 26 dec 2016

ll ॐ नमः शिवाय ll 

Dear Bhaktas,

Soma Mahapradosham was celebrated in this pious Dhanurmasa, with Rudrabhishakam to Bhagavan Sri Chaleshwara. 

With the Dadhi-mandanam, the Lord seemed to reflect the fresh snow that has fallen over the Himalayas yesterday…

We bring you the images.

The next Mahapradosham is on Tuesday the 11th January, 2017

We announce the arrival of our new Geeta Sugama Paaraayana (Easy Recital) Book, this time with the addition of Vishnu Sahasranama Stotram. This beautifully brought out book in bold font-size invites one and all for chanting the Geeta. (see attached .pdfs).

It would be a wonderful 'New year' sankalpa to take : to gift this immensely useful book to five others, and encourage them to learn to chant. Apart from regular classes here, you would be glad to know that we also have an audio CD to help learn it by chanting along! 

Let us welcome the new year uniquely this time!

Yajurveda Upakarma : Shravana Pournami 20 aug 2016

ll ॐ श्री गुरुभ्यो नमः,  भगवते वेदव्यासाय नमः ll

Dear Bhaktas,  

Shravana Pournami, the full-moon day of the Shravana month has a great significance in the lives of all aspirants seeking after inner growth and Self-knowledge.

An animal is free from dharma-adharma – it does not have a sense of right and wrong; nor does it have any complexes of any kind – for it is purely programmed by nature, in its actions. A human being on the other hand, has this most wonderful endowment – 'choice over action' (Karmani adhikarah), and is hence, at once accountable for his actions. There is then a value system, and a sense of right and wrong. Universal values, Samanya dharma, are a function of this 'doer-ship', this awareness of being the author of one's actions, the presence of a free will.

There is thus a framework of laws for his conduct, rights and duties, justice and punishment – all because the human is expected (by fellow humans) to conform to some norms, so as to permit co-existence in harmony. From how you expect others to treat you, (what they should and should not do), from what harms you and what does not, stems the norms for your own conduct towards others – recognizable intuitively as Samanya Dharma (universal values). 

The capacity to think deeply and analyse lets us see additionally, 'Vishesha Dharma' also, particular values which are situational and also have cultural moorings in terms of perception. There is this huge, intricate and broad (as well as specific) framework available to base our actions upon.

The former is innate and does not require any special education about, whereas this latter is a function of culturing of the human mind and its growth, bettered over the ages. The Vedic culture deems this upward transformation essential, and had perfected a way to impart it to the younger generation in a structured manner, down to the nuances. The process is called 'Samskara'. Life itself is divided into  stations for one's growth and perfection, and is termed order of 'Ashramas' . It is a beautiful model. Any human is deemed akin to an animal, in the absence of Samskara. The most essential of them is 'Upanayana' or 'Yajnopaveeta Samskara', that marks entry into a committed scholastic phase. The sacred thread and initiation with Gayatri Mantra make one a 'Dvija' (born again or twice born). The life hereafter, is not only of intense learning but that of great responsibility.

This heightened responsibility is exactly in respect of one's actions and sensory experiences. One can no more behave as one pleases, but each choice of action must now conform to dharma, one's awareness has to be very keen, in order to minimize omissions and commissions. One has to deal well with desires and temper – and grow into great maturity. One can not be casual about actions any more…. for one is expected to be very sensitive as a Dvija. He must be an 'Arya'.

It is with this understanding, and in all humility that this day of Shravana Pournami, and the following day is spent in atonement and prayer, in deep objectivity, reinforcing an already evolved way of life. The day is termed Upakarma

One starts with Kama-Manyu japam with the explicit Sankalpa "अध्यायोत्सर्जन-अकरण-प्रायश्चित्तार्थं , संवत्सर-प्रायश्चित्तार्थं च " for objectivity towards anger and  desires, doer-ship and being an experiencer, as well as all omissions and commissions in the year past. To be an Adhikari for Brahma Vidya, one needs the requisite 'yogyata' or eligibility, and this exquisite sensitivity is necessary, with the recognition of Ishvara as the centre-point of ones' life, and understanding Dharma as a critical manifestation of the Lord.

Invoking Bhagavan Veda-vyasa (the 'Organizer' of the Vedas and author of the Brahma-Sutras) and Varuna (the great teacher of Brahmavidya), as well as Agni, the great Pavakah (purifier), adhyayopakrama karma is then performed, and Vedarambha done. What a noble and deeply symbolic procedure of 'atonement', and neutralization of demerits!

Brahmacharis and Vatus (young scholars) perform Samidhaadaanam, offering Banyan-twigs into fire, praying for brilliance and strength, for commitment and knowledge.

Gayatri mantra itself is a prayer for endowment with right thinking, which is vital to action and experience-seeking, and learning. The following day, (Prathama) with the sankalpa of "मिथ्याधीत-प्रायश्चित्तार्थं, दोषवदपतनीय-प्रायश्चित्तार्थं च ", the Dvija does Gayatri Mahamantra Japam (1008 times), taking some 4-5 hours. May I have clear knowledge free of doubts and ambiguity, and may I commit to Svaadhyaaya earnestly for it. May Ishvara, who is all-knowledge, bless me! 

Knowledge alone neutralizes all Karma and sets me free!!

avt news and events Shravana concludes! 19 aug 2016

ll ॐ नमः शिवाय ll 

Dear Bhaktas,

The month-long Shravana festival culminated in a grand Rudrabhishekam on the auspicious day of 'Shravana Poornima' . Splendid floral alankara every day, appeared to be vying with the other days in claiming to be more beautiful!

​Many devotees made it a point to attend on all the days, early in the morning, bringing flowers of an enchanting riot of colours to offer to Bhagavan Chaleshwara.

​Nandikeshwara seemed to supplement the devotional spirit of the Bhaktas…

We brought you some beautiful images before, and we share some more beautiful ones today.

Upakarma was also conducted at the Ashrama today.

ll ॐ नमश्शिवाय ll

Gurusmaranam 2 : Compassion personified 22 july 2016

ll ॐ श्री गुरु-चरणारविन्दाभ्यां नमः ll

Dear Bhaktas,

Guru is indeed 'Nirupama', incomparable. Guru alone is most adorable! 

Disciples, Devotees, Admirers, Critics, Intellectuals, Recipients of help, Public (as audience), Leaders, Rulers, Religious heads, Mahatmas, Children and people of all hues, levels and ages have admired and adored Poojya Swamiji, each understanding Him in his/her own way, and appropriately too. Each could relate to Him intimately as well – even as Father, Mother, Teacher, Benefactor and Everything.

It requires an Adhikarittvam and understanding to know Him as a great Acharya from the Sampradaya, an Uttama Brahmavit. Not everyone, not even most disciples, could know Him in His vast dimensions and depth of Janana. Surely, it would need a Dayananda, to know a Dayananda!

How many have had their sorrows addressed and erased, tears wiped away – only those who received His grace thus, know. Others can only infer the impact upon those lives!

Those who knew Him as a Visionary and Master Organizer alone knew that aspect of Him – we see all that unfolding with time!

Those personally touched alone know the Parental touch He blessed them with.

Those who led their lives upon His advice alone knew the worth and value of it in their lives, and His uncanny wisdom in solving problems.

Hundreds who really feel 'orphaned' alone know what complete support means, and what it is to lose it.

Children alone knew the joy of always getting edible sweet Prasadam from this smiling, bearded Mahapurusha – who was for them 'Madhuradhipati'.

Astute Intellectuals alone knew the flight of His deep thoughts and words, full of reason and wit.
Linguists could surely celebrate the finesse He had in wielding words, like sheer magic.

Vidwans and Bhagavatas alone would comprehend  His choice of Ragas, their nuances and richness, and His creative genius in compositions even like Deekshithar, and the abiding soulful vibrance of His Krtis, though almost everyone enjoys them! However, it would need a student of Vedanta to understand their import, and know them to be like 'Prakarana Granthas' each!

Well then, could we say that Poojyasri was just all the above put together?  Hardly!!  Indeed most people could appreciate a little of the many dimensions of His colossal personality, and yet, He is far beyond all these put together! Words may not do justice as well!

However, if one were to ask what everyone perceived in Him universally, the 'Hallmark of Poojya Swamiji' , it is perhaps Ananda. It is Ananda people felt in His presence, felt in their lives intimately. He was all joy, all through. "Ananda" describes Him so characteristically, almost like a synonym – unmistakably!  आनन्द-विग्रहाय नमः!

Another 'phenomenon', a corollary of the first, manifestation of पूर्णता was felt by almost everyone who knew Him… felt in small or large measure, for a time or constantly. Another synonym is that mellifluous word 'compassion',  Daya !! It is as if the word 'compassion' is exemplified and personified by Himदया-मूर्तये नमः!

"Dayananda" He is, indeed! His compassion can be testified to by everyone, with joy and gratitude indescribable, the love felt being non-quantifiable… not only by those in apparent distress, but by all disciples alike! 

Compassion is built into a Sadhu, true; but to teach Brahmavidya to a 'Samsara-daavaagni-dagdha-shishyah' – the disciple scorched by the fire of Samsara, (and who has the discrimination about it), …requires an 'extra ounce of compassion' He would often tell us. "स गुरुः परम-करुणया उपदिदेश…"…….and He had for us, that very extra ounce of compassion, for He could empathize with us all, having undergone the pain Himself. Not dismissing it as an 'as if pain', when the disciple feels it to be real! 'Extra ounce' it was indeed!!

Most fortunate we all are, to have our lives touched by Ananda, by Compassion (Daya) –   by DAYANANDA!!

As a tribute to Him, let us hear Him deliver a TED Talk (recorded at Chautauqua Institute, New York in Aug. 2009). They introduce it thus:

'Swami Dayananda Saraswati unravels the parallel paths of personal development and attaining true compassion. He walks us through each step of self-realization, from helpless infancy to the fearless act of caring for others…'

Dayananda Saraswati: The profound journey of compassion

We also take you down the memory lane, to Rishikesh, His Kutiya (hermitage) there, His Adhyatma-vidyalayam (where he taught), the banks of Ganga where He strode, and finally the ground He rests under (Bhu-samadhi-sthala)…the great Banyan tree under whose boughs humanity found rest and peace, rests in peace….two big trees standing vigil on either sides symbolically, the Linga (indicator) indicating the exact spot…..and finally the Samadhi Mandapam that has come up there.

श्री गुरुभ्यो नमः !!

Sri Shankaracharya Jayanti

;text-indent:0px;text-transform:none;white-space:normal;word-spacing:0px;background-color:rgb(255,255,255);text-decoration-style:initial;text-decoration-color:initial;float:none;display:inline”>Dear Jijnaasus,

Here is Shankara Jayanti again, and again we salute the great teacher with the words, "तं  नमामि भगवत्पादं शङ्करं लोक-शङ्करम् ," 'Salutations to the greatest teacher, Adi Shankara, who is none but Lord Shankara himself, descended for the welfare of the world that is embroiled in misery brought about by ignorance.' 

How and where are we to approach him today, as the disease of the world (Samsara) is well at large, possibly more malignant now?

We are guided, "यः श्रुति-स्मृति-पुराणानां आलयम् , करुणालयं च ", he is verily the temple of the Shastras – the Vedas, as also the Smrti and the Puranas. He obtains as the "Teaching and the Teachers and the Texts (Bhashyas in particular, and ever-so-many brilliant compositions). He, whose advent was to show mankind the true purport of the Shastras, dispel all rampant confusions, and gift us a stronger system of teaching – the refreshed Sampradaya! Truly then, he is the temple of compassion – the acutely felt need of the day!

His irresistible brilliance as incarnate knowledge, is akin to the Sun rays piercing clouds of ignorance, so the morning sight on the eastern horizon seemed to indicate on his Jayanti!

Several centuries after his advent, a little Ashrama boy plucks choicest flowers for offering at the feet of the 'teacher-Colossus'.

A little rumination may not be out of place, as we refer you to our post of May 12, 2016, of Adi-Shankara Jayanti!

May we all attain to the qualification and Shraddha to study the Shastras – the gift unopened!

Kumbhabhishekam : Sri Gangadhareshwara Temple, Rishikesh : videos. 15 april 2014

 llॐ नमः शिवाय ll
Dear Bhaktas,

The Kumbhabhishekam of Sri Gangadhareshwara Temple at Rishikesh was performed splendidly with detailed Vedic Rituals, Homas, Kalashabhimantranam and Abhishekam. The highlight was the Anugraha-bhashanam of Poojyasree Swamiji, relayed over the Skype to the assembly, much to everyone's great delight. He spoke about Kumbhabhishekam and its importance.

We pray to Bhagavan Gangadhareshwara and Mother Haimavathi, Sri Mahaganapathy, Sri Hanuman and Bhagavatpada Shankaracharya, to bestow sound health and Deerghaayu on Poojya Swamiji, and bless everyone!!

We have uploaded some videos of the Homas  (culmination), and the Anugraha-bhashanam of Swamiji, on the Youtube. The video URLs are given below:


 Vastra Samarpanam, Mantrapushpam and chanting

Poojyasree Anugraha Bhashanam

AVT Jaipur