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AVT news and events Soma Mahapradosham. Sugama Parayana Geeta – New edition 26 dec 2016

ll ॐ नमः शिवाय ll 

Dear Bhaktas,

Soma Mahapradosham was celebrated in this pious Dhanurmasa, with Rudrabhishakam to Bhagavan Sri Chaleshwara. 

With the Dadhi-mandanam, the Lord seemed to reflect the fresh snow that has fallen over the Himalayas yesterday…

We bring you the images.

The next Mahapradosham is on Tuesday the 11th January, 2017

We announce the arrival of our new Geeta Sugama Paaraayana (Easy Recital) Book, this time with the addition of Vishnu Sahasranama Stotram. This beautifully brought out book in bold font-size invites one and all for chanting the Geeta. (see attached .pdfs).

It would be a wonderful 'New year' sankalpa to take : to gift this immensely useful book to five others, and encourage them to learn to chant. Apart from regular classes here, you would be glad to know that we also have an audio CD to help learn it by chanting along! 

Let us welcome the new year uniquely this time!

avt news and events Deepotsava and Gopotsava 1 nov 2016 diwali

ll ॐ महालक्ष्म्यै नमः ll  ll ॐ गो-महालक्ष्म्यै नमः ll

Dear Bhaktas,

Deepotsava at the Chhaatraalaya is always such a joy! After a Pooja to Mahalakshmi, it is absolute fun time – sheer joy writ large on the beaming faces of the boys!! Let us share some of it through images…

The sparkly shower of light delights little souls anon..

Deepotsava is followed by Go-pooja and Annakuta Mahotsava. All the Gopas get together to worship Surabhi, Go Mata, for, गावो लोकस्य मातरः ! All the cows and calves are bathed, decked up, and pooja performed to them. 

There is Pradakshina…

धन्य धन्य हो प्रदक्षिणा …. and Namaskaara!

The bond our children enjoy with these gentle creatures is subtle and sure. By turns children tend to them every single day, and today it is special!

​"I know, you are my best friend," this little Gopa-kumara seems to tell the equally little calf, with a special, matter-of-fact gesture…and the calf seems to agree in the same vein!!

Freshly harvested grain, particularly, Bajra etc. are cooked with special spices and vegetables, heralding the change of season to winter. This is offered to the Lord in all temples here in this 'Annakuta Mahotsava'. The Gopas had a special treat, as did devotees! We append more images below.