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Shani Mahapradosham Celebrated

ll ॐ नमः शिवाय ll

Dear Bhaktas,

Mahapradosham was celebrated, with Rudrabhishakam and Alankara to Bhagavan
Sri Chaleshwara.

A special Sankalpa for the welfare of Bharatavarsha was taken today before
the Pooja. We bring you the images.

The next Mahapradosham is a Somapradosham, falling on Monday, the 11th
June, 2018

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Shani Mahapradosham 30 dec 2017

ll ॐ नमः शिवाभ्यां , गुरु-चरणाभ्याम्  ll


Dear Bhaktas,

The salutation above may sound like a mystery, ……

but let us delve into it a bit. The sole refuge for a seeker are the lotus feet of the Guru, and the Padukas that represent them. It is to gain freedom from Samsara​ that one surrenders at His feet sans a condition, for He is the only means, The Only Means. 

The Guru's Feet are verily the embodiment of the Lord, as both the Mother and the Father – Father, when He teaches, and Mother, when unconditional compassion flows from Him – no wonder, the Guru's Feet are Shiva and Shakti, the only Parents of the Universe! So then, it is .. 
ॐ नमः शिवाभ्यां , गुरु-चरणाभ्याम् !

Please look at every  picture of abhishekam in close-up (like this one above), you will find the Guru's lotus feet right with the Lingam, inseparable! 

Thus was this Shani-Mahapradosham celebrated with Rudrabhishaekam to Maheshwara, as always, so that Guru's grace flows to us, to know Him! 

​             Darshan from in between Nandikeshwara's horns.

The next Mahapradosham occurs on Sunday, the 14th of January, 2018, which coincides with Makara-Sankranti, making it doubly auspicious!


Shani Mahapradosham with showers… 2 july 2016

ll ॐ नमः शिवाय ll 

Dear Bhaktas,

The blossoming of the Foot-ball Lily heralds the monsoon in the parched 'Capital of the Desert State' of Rajasthan. 

                      Look carefully and spot the honey bee approaching for a sweet meal!

Showers brought the mercury down and the welcome respite on this Shani Pradosham adds to the joy of Rudrabhishekam to Lord Chaleshwara. Mallika and Lily adorned the Lord, in fragrance and elegance!

Lord Ganesh looks intently at the Bilva-tridala adorning Bhagavan, as if in contemplation!

We bring the images for you!

The next Mahapradosham occurs on the   17th July, 2016, Sunday.

Gurupoornima occurs two days later, on Tuesday, the 19th.