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Grand ShravanaPradosham

ll ॐ नमः शिवाय ll 

Dear Bhaktas, 

On the second Shravana Soma Mahapradosham of this Masa, Rudrabhishekam was performed to Bhagavan Chaleshwara …

013 Tri-pundroshneesha-dhara.JPG
followed by Pushpalankara to behold!

003 Panchamrtam.JPG

If Panchamrta would represent solidifying sweet devotion to the Lord,

004 Sukshma-Madhu-dhara.JPG

Madhu dhara would be the unbroken fine flow of the mind towards Ishvara! Indeed, it would be Ananda, Neerajanananda as the fulfilment, all light, all Knowledge!! 

008 Neerajananandah.JPG
तस्य भासा सर्वमिदं विभाति  The light of Consciousness lights up all that is! With captivating Alankaras, Shravana moves closer to a close, in its culmination in Shravana Poornima on the 15th of August – which is also Yajurveda Upakarma day ( expiatory performed in the Ashrama every year, for the Gayatri initiated).

The next Mahapradosham occurs on the 28th August, 2019, Wednesday.

Sri Gurubhyo Namah
001 Gurupadukabhyam Namah.JPG

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Somapradosham celebrated

ll ॐ नमः शिवाय ll

Dear Bhaktas,

Somapradosham was celebrated with Rudrabhishekam to Bhagavan Sri

​Nandikeshwara partook of the abishekam with Shivajalam off his Lord, …
and then sat facing Him in seva as always!

The next Mahapradosham is on the 25th June, Monday, (Somapradosham).

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Soma-pradosham was celebrated with Rudrabhishekam to Maheshwara.

Rtu-pushpalankara soothed the Bhakta-drshti, and the lone Bilva​ leaf capped it!

The next Mahapradosham occurs on the
13th February, 2018, Tuesday.

We are appending a small video-clip of Poojyasri Swamiji with Pradhana Mantri, Shri Modiji.


Shravana Somapradosham 16 aug 2016

ll ॐ नमः शिवाय ll 

Dear Bhaktas,
Devotion was thick in the air! Hara Hara Mahadeva! resounded in 'reply' to Namah Paarvati Pataye…, spiritedly each time. Mahadeva Chaleshwara was decked up in floral finery.

With beautiful Bilva-mala and Arka-pushpa-jata flowing from below the  floral crown, the Lord appeared pleased with the assembled bhakatas!

With Veda Parayanam in addition, in the Shukla Yajurveda (Madhyandina Shakha), it was a fulfilled last Mahapradosham in this Shravana month here. Strings of lilies seemed to dive down from the 'Om Parvata' above, as if in a shower!

​With three more days to go in Shravana till the full moon day, more alankara is due, and we shall bring the images in time. For now, it is today's glory!

Yajurveda Upakarma will be conducted at the Ashrama, for our Vatus and devotees, on the 18th August.

The next Pradosham is  on the 29th August, 2016, Monday.